Yuriy Kamelchuk
Business Coach and Trainer
Strategic Advisor
Founder of Cardinal University
Founder of Ukrainian Business Community

Yuriy Kamelchuk
Business Coach and Trainer
Strategic Advisor

Founder of Cardinal University
Founder of Ukrainian Business Community
How can I help you
Life Coaching
I help to bring order in the personal and business life and to move effectively to your goals
Strategy Session
I am helping to consider deeper strategic issues by guided team brainstorming
Business Consulting
I help you to refine your business model, processes, system and go to delegation and scale
Marketing Consulting
I help generate strategic marketing ideas and use effective tools to implement them
I conduct open and corporate training in 4 areas: personal development, business, effective communication and public speaking
Public Speaking
I help you master the skills of conducting public speeches, presentations, meetings, seminars, interviews
My priority projects
$ 200.000+
In Self-Development
Investing in yourself is the best investment that always pays off
and stays with us
Training Programs
Creating trainings as a new book. Each of them consists of new heroes and a new scenarium
The more people learn and apply new knowledge, the more the world changes for the better
Client`s Countries
Each country enriches its features with everyone who first acquaints and learns with her.
Thank you for the training. Everything was very informative, emotional, and creative. For myself, I realized that I will definitely follow the where the Yuriy training will take place and attend them.
Tetiana Kotelnik
Yuriy helped me in optimizing business processes, found mistakes, and suggested how to better solve them. As a result, my business went up, there was more free time that I devote to self-development. I'm satisfied! We continue to work!
Oleg Fedak
First and foremost, Yuriy's advice made me realize that all things need to be aspiring to perfection, as well as the fact that their performances need to be trained, perhaps even in front of the mirror. And the main thing: Yuriy gives really friendly advice that can really be applied.
Oleksandr Dub
Yuriy skillfully combined the approach of a psychologist and a business coach in working with the team. On the one hand, this approach to each person in particular, the ability of each to discover themselves individually and in relation to the team, on the other - to see the value of each in the development of the organization. It helped to see the Foundation's activities globally, rethink the mission and discover new ideas for its implementation.
Olena Karnaukh
Director of Spiritual Development Fund
I had the pleasure of communicating with Yuriy in personal consultation. I think this time has been very effective, since I have received clear and effective advice on issues that interest me. Everything that was clear was recorded, and what was not clearly written down literally.
Volodymyr Pechenyy
Yuriy professionally teaches the Art of Speaking, quickly helps to overcome fear. We are very happy that many people who have expressed a desire to learn from Yuriy will come to the training.
Andriy Stasiv
The training was very useful and cognitive for each of us. Within a few days we learned very important things that will not only help us in our work, but also in everyday life. It was yet another stage in deep knowledge of oneself and understanding of others. I want to emphasize high professionalism, understanding and a common desire to change. It was emotional and effective for our entire team.
Valentyna Bartoshyk
Life Master Academy
Transformational Programs for expanding subconscious capabilities and harmonizing all spheres of life
Open Business School
Practical Programs for Creating, Systematizing and Developing Small and Medium Business
Open Communication School
Practical Programs for Enhancing Communication Skills, Negotiations and Public Speaking
Open IT School
Intensive Professional Programs for Web Developers and Mobile Applications from IT Professionals Practitioners
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